What is groundwater level measurement

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Shenzhen Dongfang Wanhe Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, with three major brands under its umbrella: “WHSENSORS”, “Dongfang Dekong”, and “Wanhe Zhongyi”.

Groundwater level transmitter, hot spring geothermal well water level and temperature measurement WH311 lightning protection water level measuring instrumentWhether it is liquid level measurement in deep wells, reservoirs, rivers, etc., or water level monitoring in fire water tanks/water tanks, Shenzhen Dongfang Wanhe has achieved excellent performance in liquid level measurement.Monitoring occasions for reservoirs, rivers, and groundwater - using water level monitoring before and after the reservoir gate

Deep well liquid level measurement occasions - Deep well dedicated series can display up to centimeters

Fire water tank liquid level display occasions - including a complete set of fire acceptance documents

Sewage treatment occasions - Application of anti blocking design

Liquid level monitoring and monitoring occasions - Liquid level and temperature integrated sensors can simultaneously measure water level and temperature