What is Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)?

Subsea Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) are essentially used to supply hydraulic pressure to the valve actuators.

Hydraulic Power Units


In most cases, accumulators are often used as part of the system. Accumulators function as storage facilities and are sized in accordance to the number of cycles required to operate the required valves in the event of shutdown or system failure in the vessel without activating the pump stations in the system.

The pump stations in return charge up the accumulators with respect to the pressure required and timing given.

Subsea supply, reservoir level, system pressures, control modules and pump status are all monitored and feedback to the internal controls of the Subsea Hydraulic Power Units(( HPUs ).

This provides valuavle data and system data to the user which utilize common protocols used invessel for total vessel control System management.