What is Multi Cable Transit (MCT)?

Multi Cable Transit (MCT) is a block system which provides sealing for cable penetration from hazardous area to non-hazardous area (such as from field to Control Room) and cable penetration through gas tight or fire walls. Multi Cable Transit (MCT) also provides protection from fire, smoke, water, gas, chemical liquid and pressure at the point where cables penetrate building walls and floors.

Multi Cable Transit (MCT) mainly comprises of frame, sealing block module, stay plate and wedge.

  • Frame is the housing into which the blocks, stay plate and compression unit are fitted.
  • Sealing block module is an adaptive modules, which is to hold cable. Some type of block has a unique feature to fit the cable by peeling the layers from the core of the seal to suit the cable size.
  • Stay plates are placed between rows of modules to prevent the possibility of module pull out.
  • Wedge as compression unit which applies pressure to the assembly sealing block and stay plate creating an airtight seal.

Multi Cable Transit may also be used for pipe penetration from outdoor into the building.

Multi Cable Transit

MCT can also be used in pressurized control panels Ex-p for cable transit from instruments installed in hazardous area into the panel. This components guarantee the sealing required due to their construction characteristics (sealing block internal layers, once pressed, they adapt to cable outer sheet characteristics)

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