What is Open Loop Control System?

A control system in which the control action is totally independent of output of the system then it is called open loop control system.

Manual control system is also an open loop control system.

The block diagram of open loop control system in which process output is totally independent of controller action.


Practical Examples of Open Loop Control System

  1. Electric Hand Drier – Hot air (output) comes out as long as you keep your hand under the machine, irrespective of how much your hand is dried.

  2. Automatic Washing Machine – This machine runs according to the pre-set time irrespective of washing is completed or not.

  3. Bread Toaster - This machine runs as per adjusted time irrespective of toasting is completed or not.

  4. Automatic Tea/Coffee Maker – These machines also function for pre adjusted time only.

  5. Timer Based Clothes Drier – This machine dries wet clothes for pre – adjusted time, it does not matter how much the clothes are dried.

  6. Light Switch – lamps glow whenever light switch is on irrespective of light is required or not.

  7. Volume on Stereo System – Volume is adjusted manually irrespective of output volume level.

Advantages of Open Loop Control System

  1. Simple in construction and design.

  2. Economical.

  3. Easy to maintain.

  4. Generally stable.

  5. Convenient to use as output is difficult to measure.

Disadvantages of Open Loop Control System

  1. They are inaccurate.

  2. They are unreliable.

Any change in output cannot be corrected automatically.

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