What is Piezoelectric Sensor?

Piezoelectric sensor is used for the measurement of pressure, acceleration and dynamic-forces such as oscillation, impact, or high speed compression or tension.

It contains piezoelectric ionic crystal materials such as Quartz.

Piezoelectric Sensor


On application of force or pressure these materials get stretched or compressed. During this process, the charge over the material changes and redistributes.

One face of the material becomes positively charged and the other negatively charged. The net charge q on the surface is proportional to the amount x by which the charges have been displaced. The displacement is proportion to force.

Therefore we can write,

q = kx = SF

where k is constant and S is a constant termed the charge sensitivity.

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If you have more information on the resonant circuit that is used with quartz it will be very helpful

Yes @kingfawzy it would be helpful to know about quartz crystal. Below is the equivalent circuit for quartz crystal. Here the C1 resonate with L1, and then C1 & L1 also resonate with parallel capacitor C2.

There are lot of calculations and equations involved with quartz crystal to get its impedance, reactance etc. This image is taken from this quartz crystal article. Its a vast topic but this picture provides clear idea about quartz.


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