What is Priming In Boiler?

Priming is the process in which contamination in water droplets leave the boiler with the steam during heating. Priming can either be caused by mechanical factors such as:

  • Construction of the boiler
  • High water level
  • Operating the industrial boiler steam pressure below its designed level or
  • By chemical factors such as high level of contaminants in the water
  • Solids and oil in water and alkalinity

Priming results in formation of deposits in the valves whose effects include; overheating and corrosion due to deposits on super heaters affecting heat transfer resulting to decrease product quality, increase in steam consumption.The life of the boiler operator may be in danger.

However priming in industrial boiler can be prevented by;avoiding high water levels, maintaining low level solid concentration and using chemical anti priming agents which prevents priming of water droplets to the steam.

In conclusion preventing priming guarantees reduction the production cost and protects industrial boiler.