What is Steam Power Plant?

A steam power plant is a plant system to convert the prospective chemical energy in fuel resources towards electric power energy. Steam power plant in most basic mode contains a steam boiler and also a steam turbine generating an electrical generator.

The steam boiler is a unit to convert water into steam in which it is then utilized to drive turbine blades and generator shaft. The figure 1 is simple sketch to show working principal of steam power plant. The steam boiler is assumed as tea pot and steam turbine is assumed as small windmill. But actually, the steam turbine and boiler form are more complex and difficult but the figure 1 below shows same working principle of steam power plant with the actual form.

Figure 1: Basic Sketch of Steam Power Plant

The method of producing electric power is really balconies and an abundance to many people today, but the real method is simple to be known. As displayed, the generator contains a tiny bar magnet rotating on the inside of a stationery wire coil. That might appear an very uncomplicated matter, but this is precisely what a actual generator contains – a magnet turning on the inside of a wire coil.

Because the magnet area issuing via the closes of the magnet mover over the spins of wire within the stationery coil an electrical current is developed within the wire. Through winding a big quantity of spins of wire towards a ring, the current established in every move is included to the current established in another spins of wire, therefore a extra strong current is generated.

The steam power plant shown in the figure 1 isn’t quite effective, in fact its effectiveness is approximately zero. Therefore in fact a lot of designs are developed to obtain as much power as doable produced from combustion of fuel, it’s important to generate steam power plant as efficient as possible.

The improvement should be made to increase the efficiency of the steam power plant, it can be done by improve boiler or turbine itself. Any modification can be carried out the boiler system such as modify combustion method, furnace dimension, selection of fuel, using economizer and air heater and the others.