What is the Purpose of Gas Detectors Inspection?

Gas detectors are precision instruments important for safety.

Periodic maintenance is necessary to maintain the performance of the equipment so that it operates normally in case of emergency, and to improve reliability in disaster prevention.

According to the general high-pressure gas safety regulation relationship example criteria, the standards for facilities to detect and alarm for leaks of flammable gas and toxic gas are set forth as follows.

Gas leak detection alarm facility and installation location” (Outline)

“In maintenance management, periodically inspect and maintain according to the description of the instruction manual or specification”

“Record the results of inspection and maintenance, save for over 3 years”

Calibration of indication value of gas leak detection alarm facility for special high-pressure gas should be performed at least once every 6 months”

“To issue an alarm by circuit inspection related to warning more than once a month”

“Confirming that it operates normally by conducting an inspection related to detection and warning at least once a year”

Please do periodic inspection by our engineers with expert knowledge as well as daily inspection done by customers before using the equipment.