What is the standard power range for Low power solenoids?

What is the standard power range for Low power solenoids?

I want to select a low power solenoid, does 3.7 Watt solenoid fall under low power solenoid category?

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Low power solenoids selection depends on many factors like

  1. Maximum operating differential pressure
  2. Application like Hazard area type.
  3. Required force to operate plunger etc.

The below details may helpful.

ASCO offers Low Power Solenoid Valves

Low Power solenoid valves are the ideal choice for customers seeking to reduce their power consumption without compromising performance.

With wattages as low as 0.48 watts, the valves can be used in a variety of industrial, commercial and process applications ranging from plant control systems with low power limitations to offshore and other remote installations using solar panels or batteries.

ASCO Low Power valves allow power 4 generation and power storage equipment size to be minimized for considerable savings and are suitable for General Purpose service and environments requiring Intrinsic Safety and Non-Incendive Field Wiring. Certified by Exida, the valves are SIL 3 capable per IEC 61508 and carry UL, CSA, CE and FM approvals.

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